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Hydroponic Starter Kit B

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Hydroponic Kit B is a great starting point for those just entering the world of hydroponics indoor growing. It is suitable for 1-2 decent sized plants, bringing all the necessities together to get that first grow off to a good start.

This includes lighting, grow tank, growth media, nutrients/supplements, clone kit and accessories.

This hydroponics kit includes:

  • 1 x 250w Compact Lighting Unit
  • 2m of Black/White Plastic
  • 1 x GT 205 Grotank Complete Kit
  • 3m of Chain and 1 x Ceiling Hook
  • 1 x Strip of 8 3” Rockwool Cubes
  • 1 each of: Ionic Hydro Grow 1L, Bloom 1L and Boost 1L
  • 1 x Clone Kit*

*The clone kit includes: propagator, 24 Rockwool seed/cutting blocks, 100ml Formulex, 50ml Clonex rooting gel, scalpel and instruction booklet on how to get seeds and clones started.

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